About us 


Iair Tech is a leading technology and R&D company, providing outsourcing services to companies which develop multi-disciplinary products


We are an engineering company engaged in mechanical and industrial design, and electronic engineering. We are leaders in the development of innovative technological products and solutions from concept to production and supply

The products we design and plan are characterized by a simple and clean design, which contributes to clarity and ease of use

Each product is designed according to the needs of the customers, the end users and the business environment in which it is to be used

We believe that a product that is not made with a unique design to attract the eye of the future end user is likely to experience market failure and be a complete waste of effort

Our electronic engineering expertise enables us to provide full turnkey services to our clients

Developing and manufacturing electronic circuits is an integral part of our operation including responsibility for the product, from Board Design to finished product on an uncompromisingly professional level, with technological innovation and efficiency

 and in strict compliance with timetables


 We turn ideas into reality

Products and services include


Registering and handling patents

Full Turnkey projects


Developing, designing, editing and manufacturing printed circuit boards

Constructing production models and prototypes


Procurement in Israel and abroad

Profitability check for the project - "Go No Go"

Marketing feasibility check for the concept

Business and financial plan

Finding a winning team

Seeking financing for the project


We are experts at high-value engineering - generating optimal concepts, simplifying products and reducing costs along with minimum time to market

The company operates in a wide range of markets and fields: civilian and defense, traditional industry, high-tech, capital, equipment, consumer products

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